Wednesday, 31 October 2012

More on Frontline

I was pleased to see that Kirsty McGregor, writing in Community Care’s Social Work Blog seems to be coming to rather similar conclusions to mine about Frontline.

And she adduces some interesting comments culled from around the blogosphere. 

The one I liked the best, by someone called Fairgo, said that fast-tracking ‘shiny new graduates’ into child protection would not do anything if they haven’t got manageable caseloads and adequate resources to do the job properly.

Fairgo is absolutely spot-on. And conversely if current workers had reasonable caseloads and adequate resources then the ‘fast trackers’ wouldn’t be required.

Frontline appears to me to be a solution to the wrong problem. I predict it will gradually fade away, probably using up some scarce resources to little good effect as it does. What a pity.