Sunday, 4 November 2012

More criticism of Frontline

It seems I’m far from being the only one opposed to the ‘Frontline’ scheme to fast track graduates from elite universities into child protection social work.

The Independent on Sunday today carries several letters from people commenting on it. All are very negative.

One person speaks of the “… casual demeaning of this work by suggesting that "elite graduates" are fast-tracked into the profession…”

Another says:

“Vulnerable children deserve better than having to rely on ill-thought-through but high-profile special schemes which at best will have a marginal impact.”

One more correspondent writes,

“If ever there was a job where running a home and raising children counted for more than a degree, it is social work.”

She concludes by saying,

“… how little Gove knows about the reality of life for countless families.”

Michael Gove should think again, quickly. Frontline will achieve nothing for vulnerable children because recruiting green young people, however clever, as social workers is not what is required. People with lots of life experience and wisdom based on a deep understanding of complex issues are needed. Doing anything else will just squander public funds.