Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Culture of Overwork and Fear

MPs are holding an inquiry into the state of social work.
Karen Goodman, an independent social worker currently employed as an interim manager in child protection, is quoted by the British Association of Social Workers as telling the MPs social work has never been “… as stressed, fraught and overwrought “.

She recounted how dedicated members of staff typically stay at work until 8pm on Fridays and still have to take work home with them. She said “… there’s just not the capacity in the system and I’ve never known it like it is now – just impossible."

Even more worryingly Karen recounted a culture of fear. “There is an ongoing culture of fear amongst my staff – they do fear telling the truth and losing their jobs. They don’t feel whistleblowing works.”

Karen is to be congratulated on telling it like it is. I hope that the MPs take note!