Monday, 21 October 2013

After the tragedies, a hike in referrals

It will come as no surprise to anybody that in the wake of publicity surrounding the tragedies of Daniel Pelka, Keanu Williams and Hamzah Khan, there has been a big jump in calls to the NSPCC’s Helpline from members of the public. 

Many of these calls will be passed through to the statutory agencies which in turn are probably experiencing more direct referrals.

I say it will have come as no surprise to anybody, but in most places no more resources will have been made available to cope with the increased volume of work. The likelihood is that triage will be more tightly applied (or ‘thresholds’ raised, if you like to put it that way).

The more pressure there is on resources the greater the likelihood of a high-risk case falling by the wayside and creating the conditions in which another tragedy might occur.

Why do I constantly get the feeling that we shouldn’t be starting from here!!