Monday, 23 June 2014

Successive children removed from thousands of mothers

There will be no surprises, for anybody who has worked in children’s services, in the research reported by the BBC’s Sanchia Berg. Working with mothers who have one child after another taken into care is a core part of the work.

And most child protection professionals will recognise that effective preventative services can reduce cost and spare some families from being torn apart. 

The BBC reports the views of lead researcher, Dr Karen Broadhurst of Manchester University. She is right to argue that the research demonstrates the need for services to help women with drug and alcohol problems, or those who are in violent relationships, change their behaviour or otherwise improve their situation. But the crucial factor is how effective such services can be made. They need to be well thought-out, carefully designed and properly funded. And they need to be carefully monitored and continuously improved in the light of feedback.