Thursday, 20 November 2014

Media access to the family courts

There is an excellent article in Family Law by Dr Julia Brophy concerning media access to the family courts.

Based on extensive research with children and young people, Brophy concludes that “… if young people are told the truth about media access during their ‘journey’ through state intervention and legal proceedings, there is a real risk that they will decide not to engage in that process.”

It is sad that apparently the powers that be do not seem to be able to take this stark conclusion on board. The ill-thought-out clamour over the last few years for more media access to the family courts has resulted in a state of affairs that is putting some children and young people in intolerable situations and breaching their human rights. It is a good example of the needs of adults and institutions and systems being put before the needs of children.

You can download the Julia Brophy's full report at the following link: