Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Child Refugees

James Brokenshire MP, a Home Office minister, is reported in the Guardian as saying in the recent House of Commons debate that for Britain to accept refugee children already in Europe would “…. inadvertently create a situation in which families see an advantage in sending children alone, ahead and in the hands of traffickers, putting their lives at risk by attempting treacherous sea crossings to Europe which would be the worst of all outcomes”.

That’s a bit like saying that we shouldn’t provide medical care to the victims of motor accidents because to do so might encourage people to drive less safely!

The Shadow Immigration Minister, Keir Starmer MP has my support. He is reported as saying that Brokenshire is arguing that we must abandon these children to their fate. I’m glad that Starmer and many other Parliamentarians, such as Alf Dubbs and Yvette Cooper,  are standing up to this indefensible and cruel policy adopted by the British government.