Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Innovation Clause: bad news, rumours of its death are an exaggeration!

I spoke to soon. It looks like the Lazarus-like clause has come back from the dead.

Community Care reports that the government is proposing to table amendments this week to re-instate the proposals in the Children and Social Work Bill, albeit in what ministers are reported to describe as an “altered and improved” form.

Mention of Lazarus notwithstanding, I don’t really know much about Biblical miracles. But I do know we need a modern day miracle to save us from an unholy preoccupation with this issue of so-called ‘innovation’.

We should all be getting on with making children’s services safer – not throwing them open to inexperienced newcomers and pedlars of unproven new ideas; not to mention the possibility of walking into the clutches of get-rich-quick out-sourcing merchants.