Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Data anomalies?

I can only flag this up at this stage, rather than provide any kind of explanation, but it certainly deserves a mention.

In my recent post about the research in The Lancet concerning levels of child abuse and neglect in six developed countries, I did not mention that one of those countries in which it is claimed there was no evidence of a decline in child maltreatment was the USA.

I now see on the CBS News website that another study, also conducted by eminent academics, appears to show a steady decline in levels of maltreatment in the USA.

I wonder what is going on here. To understand this apparent anomaly it is clearly necessary to look at both studies in more depth. And I would certainly welcome any suggestions on the usual email address (

I’ll return to this topic once I have had time to study the two articles more fully. One more thing for my Christmas reading list!!