Monday, 16 April 2012

Increase in child protection in the UK, 2006-2011

As a prelude to the BASPCAN Congress 2012, to be held at Queen's University, Belfast between 16th and 18th April, we are reminded of the number of children whose names have been placed on Child Protection Registers in the four UK countries (in England the nomenclature is “Placed on a Child Protection Plan”).

Trends in all four countries since 2006 have been markedly up, with England showing the greatest growth, a whopping 60% percent increase. Northern Ireland experienced a 46% growth and Wales a 33% rise. The smallest increase was in Scotland, 19%.

Once again the message is clear. The child protection system continues to absorb unprecedented growth in demand without any clear policy about how resources can expand to match it. A recipe for disaster is in the making unless policy-makers hear the message and react quickly.

Here are the figures in detail:

2006 (number of children)
England 26400
Wales 2165
Scotland 2157
Northern Ireland 1639

2011 (number of children)
England 42330
Wales 2880
Scotland 2571
Northern Ireland 2401