Thursday, 1 August 2013

Daniel Pelka - Serious Case Review

More useful information is contained in another Daily Mirror article.

According to this a representative of the Coventry Safeguarding Children Board, told the Mirror that it would be a further six weeks before the Serious Case Review report would be available. She is quoted as saying that new information had emerged during the trial and that the Safeguarding Children Board needs to consider the work already completed in the light of all the evidence presented in court.

Trials – and their outcomes – often pose some difficulties for those completing Serious Case Reviews. But the truth of the matter is that there are often things that need to be said, about the way in which a case was handled, as a matter of urgency, and which do not depend on the outcome of the trial or interfere with due process; for example, problems with communication between schools and medics and Children’s Social Care.

Dotting all the Is and crossing all the Ts is less important than providing timely safety bulletins as lessons are learned from the case. Another child’s life may depend on it.