Thursday, 3 October 2013

Keanu Williams - First Reactions

I noted two important comments on the Serious Case Review this morning. 

The first was from Bridget Robb, the Chief Executive of the British Association of Social Workers, who was quoted in the Daily Mail as saying that Birmingham Council has an old fashioned, hierarchical culture and that members of staff there are afraid to discuss their mistakes.

Then, in confirmation, I read in a BBC report that Jane Held, of the Birmingham Local Safeguarding Board, had said that there had been 'double-figure' sackings in Birmingham since Keanu's death.

Sadly many newspapers, and many members of the public, will think that a blame culture is justified in the wake of the failings that resulted in the tragedy. The truth is the exact opposite. Make people afraid and the first casualty is safety. Bridget Robb is absolutely right when she calls for Birmingham to support front line staff in making improvements, rather than conducting a 'witch-hunt' when things go wrong.

(Apologies for lack of links - written on my iPad on a Portuguese beach)