Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Spot on Bridget Robb

The British Association of Social Workers’  (BASW) Chief Executive, Bridget Robb, has launched a powerful attack on the blame culture. She exhorted local government leaders to “…take the lead in changing the current culture of blame.”

She added: “You have allowed yourself to be drawn into it. Turn outwards with greater confidence and tell the public about the vast amount of work you are doing to protect children. Tell them about pitfalls, the errors, the dilemmas. What’s possible, what’s not possible. Educate the public, educate the politicians and some elements of the press about the dangers facing children.”

Well said, Bridget. The current culture of blame is wholly dysfunctional. It dispirits people who are doing a good professional job. It inhibits people from speaking openly about mistakes, errors and shortcomings. It frustrates learning about how to make services safer. It makes it harder for professionals to deliver a quality service. It makes children and young people less safe.