Thursday, 1 January 2015

Four, not three

No sooner had I made my last post than it began to look like the face of an old friend who has just lost a tooth – familiar but somehow odd. At risk of resembling Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisitors - who keep remembering yet another ‘chief weapon’ at their disposal – I have to confess that I do not have three wishes for the new year, but four.

My fourth wish is:

4) Create a culture in which everybody is expected and empowered to learn and improve. Encourage and sustain small, frequent changes, based on the knowledge and experience of those who do the job and those who receive the service. Dispel the illusion that top-down changes promoted by ‘expert’ groups and powerful leaders are effective ways of improving quality and safety. Instead drive change bottom-up by respecting the suggestions and ideas of those at the front line, and those receiving the service, and by respecting and rewarding those who suggest ways to improve.