Saturday, 27 June 2015

The College of Social Work – further news

Children and Young People Now quotes Jo Cleary, the chair of the college, as saying that its board is working to ensure that the college’s legacy is “secured and retained”. Apparently the board is making arrangements to “make sure that there is a smooth and safe transition” of functions and resources. They propose to make updates on the details of these arrangements as they agree them.
Although I am not clear about how this situation can be avoided, it feels wholly wrong to me that the board which has presided over the college’s untimely demise should now be in sole charge of the funeral arrangements – and that the rest of us will just be informed of these in due course. Surely there should be some wider discussion about how the transition takes place and about what functions and resources are salvaged and by whom?
Whether the government has some role to play in bringing key stakeholders together or whether key groups within the profession can take hold of the issue I do not know. But I do not think it should be left to the college’s board to decide what its legacy will be.