Saturday, 21 July 2018

Child Spies

It is hardly credible that British police and intelligence services are making use of children to act as spies in undercover operations against terrorists, criminals and drug dealers. 

But that is what is happening. 

And it hardly needs to be said that such a practice is “morally repugnant”. 

But our Prime Minister and Home Office ministers seem to believe that such disgraceful practices – which must inevitably put children at risk of serious harm – are “necessary and proportionate … when there is no other less intrusive way to get the information needed to convict criminals or terrorist suspects.”

It is surely some measure of the extent to which some of our politicians seem to have lost their moral compasses, when they stoop to trying to justify the state presiding over actions which flagrantly conflict with the most basic human rights of children and young people. 

It is sickening.