Monday, 5 December 2011

Board games

I was sorry to see that a row has broken out in Wales about Local Safeguarding Children Boards ( The Welsh government want six new boards to replace the twenty-two existing ones. Local authorities want eight or possibly nine. The government want the new boards to deal with safeguarding vulnerable adults as well. Local politicians argue that’s a mistake.

I think this sort of thing is a big distraction. The design and successful operation of the child protection service is what matters. Get that right and it ought to be clear what support structures are required.

Sadly there is a long tradition, not just in Wales, of messing with the structure and paying too little attention to the service. The Every Child Matters agenda and the Children Act 2004 brought in all kinds of duties and powers and introduced the Local Safeguarding Children Boards in England and Wales. But I don’t expect anyone could name a child who was safer as a result!!